río embudo birds

Changes in Bird Species and Number through the seasons in a spring-fed arroyo in Northern New Mexico.

Graphs and Data through September 6, 2014

For background, see analysis through June 7, 2014

Note: The number of migrant individuals includes 40 migrating Violet-green Swallow. These birds were passing over the arroyo, but not landing.

See commentary on 2nd graph below.

The table below and graph below show the number of individuals (Purple in table and graph) and the number of species (Green in table and graph):

This graph, which compares the number of Year-round, Winter Visitor and Migrant species, is instructive: The number of year-round species is roughly constant over the 6-month period; As expected, the winter visitors departed sometime in April and began returning after their breeding seasons; The mostly tropical migrants will likely be greatly reduced by October's walk and completely absent by November.

This graph breaks down the species into Year-round (blue), Winter Visitors (red) and Migrants (green).

This graph breaks down the counts of individuals by Year-round, Winter Visitors and Migrants.

Raw Data: