río embudo birds

A list of Birds that have been observed in the Río Embudo area from 1969 to the present.

Number of species: 203

Various birdwatchers have been recording sightings in this area since as early as 1969. (If anyone knows of earlier or other records, please contact me.) Jack Whetstone, a resident of Dixon from 1969 until 1976 kept detailed records of his bird sightings during that time. He also kept records on Summer trips he made to Dixon in 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1987. He also spent the winter of 1987-88 here. In 1997, Bob Weber, a Taos resident, began an Audubon Christmas Bird Count in the area. In 2001, I took over the management of that count. I have kept detailed records of bird activity along the Río Embudo since 1999.

Observations limited to the Dixon Christmas Bird Count Circle, a 15 mile diameter circle centered on Arroyo la Mina in Dixon. See Satellite Map of Count Circle