río embudo birds

Summer Residents:
Species that arrive during the spring migration, stay the summer, breed, and then leave during the fall migration.

Number of species: 51

Observations limited to the Dixon Christmas Bird Count Circle, a 15 mile diameter circle centered on Arroyo la Mina in Dixon. See Satellite Map of Count Circle

Abundance classes:
Common: Certain to be seen in suitable habitat and proper season.
Less Common: Present and seen regularly, in suitable habitat and proper season.
Uncommon: Present (and seen regularly), but not certain to be seen even in suitable habitat and proper season.
Rare: Unusual, seen only every 2 to 5 years.
Vagrant : Seeing these birds is highly unusual. They are generally out of their normal range.

All species listed have been observed on at least one occasion.

English NameGenus speciesAbundance
Black-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticoraxLess Common Summer Resident
Turkey VultureCathartes auraCommon Summer Resident
Mississippi KiteIctinia mississippiensisSummer Vagrant
Zone-tailed HawkButeo albonotatusSummer Vagrant
KilldeerCharadrius vociferusLess Common Summer Resident
Spotted SandpiperActitis maculariusLess Common Summer Resident
Band-tailed PigeonPatagioenas fasciataRare Summer Resident
Yellow-billed CuckooCoccyzus americanusRare Summer Resident
Common NighthawkChordeiles minorLess Common Summer Resident
Black-chinned HummingbirdArchilochus alexandriCommon Summer Resident
Broad-tailed HummingbirdSelasphorus platycercusCommon Summer Resident
Western Wood-PeweeContopus sordidulusCommon Summer Resident
Gray FlycatcherEmpidonax wrightiiRare Summer Resident
Black PhoebeSayornis nigricansCommon Summer Resident
Say's PhoebeSayornis sayaCommon Summer Resident
Ash-throated FlycatcherMyiarchus cinerascensCommon Summer Resident
Cassin's KingbirdTyrannus vociferansCommon Summer Resident
Western KingbirdTyrannus verticalisLess Common Summer Resident
Eastern KingbirdTyrannus tyrannusRare Summer Resident
Gray VireoVireo viciniorRare Summer Resident
Plumbeous VireoVireo plumbeusCommon Summer Resident
Warbling VireoVireo gilvusLess Common Summer Resident
Violet-green SwallowTachycineta thalassinaLess Common Summer Resident
Northern Rough-winged SwallowStelgidopteryx serripennisCommon Summer Resident
Cliff SwallowPetrochelidon pyrrhonotaCommon Summer Resident
Barn SwallowHirundo rusticaCommon Summer Resident
House WrenTroglodytes aedonUncommon Summer Resident
Blue-gray GnatcatcherPolioptila caeruleaUncommon Summer Resident
Gray CatbirdDumetella carolinensisRare Summer Resident
Northern MockingbirdMimus polyglottosLess Common Summer Resident
Orange-crowned WarblerVermivora celataUncommon Summer Resident
Virginia's WarblerVermivora virginiaeLess Common Summer Resident
Northern ParulaParula americanaTransient Vagrant
Yellow WarblerDendroica petechiaCommon Summer Resident
Magnolia WarblerDendroica magnoliaTransient Vagrant
Black-throated Gray WarblerDendroica nigrescensUncommon Summer Resident
Hooded WarblerWilsonia citrinaSummer Vagrant
Yellow-breasted ChatIcteria virensCommon Summer Resident
Chipping SparrowSpizella passerinaCommon Summer Resident
Black-throated SparrowAmphispiza bilineataRare Summer Resident
Black-headed GrosbeakPheucticus melanocephalusCommon Summer Resident
Blue GrosbeakPasserina caeruleaCommon Summer Resident
Lazuli BuntingPasserina amoenaCommon Summer Resident
Indigo BuntingPasserina cyaneaUncommon Summer Resident
Brewer's BlackbirdEuphagus cyanocephalusRare Summer Resident
Common GrackleQuiscalus quisculaUncommon Summer Resident
Great-tailed GrackleQuiscalus mexicanusRare Summer Resident
Brown-headed CowbirdMolothrus aterLess Common Summer Resident
Bullock's OrioleIcterus bullockiiCommon Summer Resident
Scott's OrioleIcterus parisorumRare Summer Resident
Lesser GoldfinchCarduelis psaltriaCommon Summer Resident