Dixon, NM Audubon Christmas Bird Count (Count Circle: NMDI).
Graphs of occurrence of selected species observed from 1997-2018.
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American Coot    American Crow    American Dipper    American Goldfinch    American Kestrel    American Robin    American Wigeon    Bald Eagle    Belted Kingfisher    Bewick's Wren    Black Phoebe    Black-billed Magpie    Black-capped Chickadee    Brown Creeper    Bufflehead    Bushtit    Canada Goose    Canyon Towhee    Canyon Wren    Cassin's Finch    Cedar Waxwing    Common Goldeneye    Common Merganser    Common Raven    Cooper's Hawk    Curve-billed Thrasher    Dark-eyed Junco    Downy Woodpecker    Eastern Bluebird    Eurasian Collared-Dove    European Starling    Evening Grosbeak    Gadwall    Golden Eagle    Great Blue Heron    Great Horned Owl    Greater Roadrunner    Green-winged Teal    Hairy Woodpecker    Hermit Thrush    Hooded Merganser    House Finch    House Sparrow    Juniper Titmouse    Ladder-backed Woodpecker    Lewis's Woodpecker    Mallard    Merlin    Mountain Bluebird    Mountain Chickadee    Mourning Dove    Northern Flicker (Red-shafted)    Northern Harrier    Northern Mockingbird    Northern Pintail    Northern Shrike    Pied-billed Grebe    Pine Siskin    Pinyon Jay    Pygmy Nuthatch    Red-breasted Nuthatch    Red-naped Sapsucker    Red-tailed Hawk    Red-winged Blackbird    Ring-necked Duck    Ring-necked Pheasant    Rock Pigeon    Rock Wren    Ruby-crowned Kinglet    Sage Thrasher    Sandhill Crane    Say's Phoebe    Scaled Quail    Sharp-shinned Hawk    Song Sparrow    Spotted Sandpiper    Spotted Towhee    Steller's Jay    Townsend's Solitaire    Unidentified Accipiter Hawk    Western Bluebird    White-breasted Nuthatch    White-crowned Sparrow    White-throated Sparrow    White-winged Dove    Wild Turkey    Williamson's Sapsucker    Wilson's Snipe    Wood Duck    Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay    Yellow-rumped Warbler   

American Goldfinch with 2012 high-count removed to reveal detail in other years:

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