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RioEmbudoBirds.org list of Species Observed (Total Species: 226):

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This is a list of all bird species that I know to have been identified within the Audubon NMDI (New Mexico Dixon) Christmas Bird Count Circle. That count circle is centered near Dixon, NM and has a radius of 7.5 miles. Nearby sites such as Orilla Verde Recreation Area near Pilar, the Los Luceros property near Alcalde and the Okay Owingeh fishing lakes host a larger array of species. They are not included as they are outside the NMDI count area. Two additional Audubon CBC circles document wintertime birdlife in those areas: NMOV (NM Orilla Verde) and NMES (NM Española. See Map of the three count areas.

The formulation of this list was derived by consulting eBird records, Audubon Christmas Bird Count data, lists from many years of local bird walks in the area and my own lists of observations. Various local birdwatchers have been recording sightings in this area since as early as 1969. (If anyone knows of earlier or other records, please contact the me.) Jack Whetstone, a resident of Dixon from 1969 until 1976 kept detailed records of his bird sightings during that time. He also kept records on Summer trips he made to Dixon in 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1987. He also spent the winter of 1987-88 here. In 1997, Bob Weber, a Taos resident, began an Audubon Christmas Bird Count in the area. In 2001, I took over the management of that count. I have kept detailed records of bird activity along the Río Embudo since 1999.

Robert Templeton, March 2023


Species Code
Common NameGenus + Specific EpithetSeasonAbundance Class
Swans, Geese and Ducks
ltduLong-tailed DuckClangula hyemalisVagrant
Upland Game Birds
Pigeons and Doves
Cuckoos and their Allies
ybcuYellow-billed CuckooCoccyzus americanusVagrant
Nightjars, Nighthawks and Swifts
Gruiformes: Coots, Cranes and Rails
Smaller Wading Birds
Gulls, Terns and Skimmers
Medium to Large Waterbirds: Pelicans and their Allies
Long-legged Wading Birds
Diurnal Raptors: Vultures, Eagles and Hawks
mikiMississippi KiteIctinia mississippiensisVagrant
zthaZone-tailed HawkButeo albonotatusVagrant
Nocturnal Raptors: Owls
acwoAcorn WoodpeckerMelanerpes formicivorusVagrant
Tyrant Flycatchers
eakiEastern KingbirdTyrannus tyrannusVagrant
eawpEastern Wood-PeweeContopus virensVagrant
eaphEastern PhoebeSayornis phoebeVagrant
Shrikes and Vireos
Jays, Crows and their Allies
bljaBlue JayCyanocitta cristataVagrant
clnuClark's NutcrackerNucifraga columbianaVagrant
Chickadees and their Allies
Nuthatches and Creepers
wiwrWinter WrenTroglodytes hiemalisVagrant
Mimids "Mimic Thrushes"
Starlings and Mynas
Thrushes and their Allies
eablEastern BluebirdSialia sialisVagrant
European Passerines
Wagtails and Pipits
gcrfGray-crowned Rosy-FinchLeucosticte tephrocotisVagrant
recrRed CrossbillLoxia curvirostraVagrant
Sparrows and their Allies
fispField SparrowSpizella pusillaVagrant
gcspGolden-crowned SparrowZonotrichia atricapillaVagrant
haspHarris's SparrowZonotrichia querulaVagrant
swspSwamp SparrowMelospiza georgianaVagrant
Icterids: Blackbirds, Orioles and their Allies
ororOrchard OrioleIcterus spuriusVagrant
baorBaltimore OrioleIcterus galbulaVagrant
scorScott's OrioleIcterus parisorumVagrant
bawwBlack-and-white WarblerMniotilta variaVagrant
howaHooded WarblerSetophaga citrinaVagrant
nopaNorthern ParulaSetophaga americanaVagrant
mawaMagnolia WarblerSetophaga magnoliaVagrant
btbwBlack-throated Blue WarblerSetophaga caerulescensVagrant
piwaPine WarblerSetophaga pinusVagrant
Grosbeaks (Cardinalidae)
pabuPainted BuntingPasserina cirisVagrant