RFW Bird-watching Resources

Other Online Resources

Resources at National Audubon Society:

Audubon is an important source of bird-watching information as well as a major force in Bird Conservation. The Audubon website covers a wide-range of topics for beginning to expert bird-watchers. Click here for Audubon Home

For example, here are two very useful articles about binoculars: Audubon Online Guide to Binoculars and How to Choose Binoculars

Click here for Audubon Guide to North American Birds
This online Field Guide to the birds of North America has detailed information on species including photos, range maps, sound recordings and more.

Audubon's annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is the longest-running Community Science bird survey in North America. Begun in 1900, it now covers much of the Americas. There are more than 30 count areas in New Mexico with data for some sites reaching back more than 60 years. CBC data are used extensively for scientific research both within Audubon and across the ornithological field! Click Here for Audubon's CBC Site

Local Counts: There are two local Christmas Bird Counts that cover portions of Taos County: Dixon and Orilla Verde. To learn about these counts and see results from them Click Here.

Resources at xeno-canto.org:

xeno-canto.org is an organization that provides a platform for people from all over the world to share their recordings of bird songs.